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P-Patrick you- stuttered Spongebob XXX Action but he was cut off in mid-sentence by Patrick. Sandy, this is getting out of hand! Said Mr. Krabs walking over to him. Outside, SpongeBob was sititng on the ground continuing to sob, until he heard screaming that slowly got louder and then he saw Plankton land on the ground next to him. Sandy's face was getting longer and longer with every word he said. Asked Mr. Krabs while rubbing his chin and looking up at the ceiling, trying to remember. He strode in the building confidently and walked over to Mr. Krabs office. SpongeBob, I forgot to say earlier that I'm sorry, and I got a lot of things to be sorry for. If I look in there, eventually though a wacky situation or incredible guilt Sandy will find out I read that thing and she'll hate me, and not just for a few days like when I usually make her mad, but forever! The resolution to Spongebob's badge not being in any other episode was found in As Seen On TV. When he stepped out to where everybody was eating he saw Mr. Krabs sitting at a table, by himself with his hands/claws in his face.

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