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Spongebob: Oh no, I can't do it. His other foot stomps squarely on Gary's tail. But a giant clam snatches Mr. Krabs prescious dollar. And it looks like it will be up to SpongeBob's friend Patrick, to save the day. See this chain of money (Mr. Krabs eyes light up with delight) it looks light and weightless but really it weighs the same as five Sea Bears!!!!!!!!!! SB: Did you here that Patrick he said yes! Dying For Pie / Imitation Krabs are the last episodes to air during the first REAL millennium (yes, the new millenium started in 2001, not 2000). SpongeBob: You get used to it pretty quickly actually. The Mermaids scream and cover themselves, and start pelting Patrick with rocks. She pulled out her lasso and lassoed SpongeBob. Sandy only said, You know, I don't know what to be angry at more.

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