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She is constantly getting hurt by SpongeBob's bad driving. This is the first time somebody addresses Mr. Krabs like Eugene directly. But Mr Krabs, we have to give him one, if we don't he's gonna break Sandy's helmet and drown her! Spongebob: (thinking) Get a grip on yourself Sponge! Squidward steps on a floor board in disgust, but that makes the board fly up and hit him square in the head. They were arguing until Patrick said, I know a way to settle this, he replied, I am going to ask one question. Krabs looks up at a TV that shows a crowd around the Chum Bucket. This he would do by waiitng for the right time when SpongeBob got too lovesick for him to notice Plankton's latest plan, which slightly differed from his usual ones. Squidward jumped on Sandy and Gary jumped on Squidward. Patrick and Spongebob sealed their sorrow in and envelope and posted it to the editor who they hoped would solve their troubles. He slammed his pencil down and raised his fists in the air and yelled I'LL FIND THAT KRABBY PATTY FORMULA KRABS YOU CAN COUNT ON THAT!

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