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Is an in-joke reference to the scene in No Free Rides when Spongebob fuck received the pen from Mrs. Puff to write his extra credit, in which he sang, Gonna write an essay/that's what I say! Plankton takes a breath to start complaning at Patrick's misunderstanding until a big shadow appears over him. Right when Snelle is a small step to th6e finish line, she turns back and makes friends with Gary, while Patrick's rock wins by a longshot. Hello, said Spongebob porn in his English accent again. Gary began shaking when the door finally opened and revealed...... Squidward was rather thankful to get that over with, but was far less thankful to see Mr Krabs come over carrying his giant first dime. You just - Patrick aimed at Sandy and pressed the button. I just wanted to say thanks for listening to me Spongebob XXX Action. He points to Patrick, who's grabbing the bottom of the house to keep the claw from lifting it up. SpongeBob: I probably will in about 10 seconds. When he got up he, not to his surprise, saw Sandy right near him.

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