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Disco than turned and lead the way from where she had just come.The Thornberrys got into the Commvee and followed.It wasn't too long before they got to her village. She had Darwin's hand and was guiding him back towards the comvee. Nigel and Jomo started to run.They were scared.They didn't even look at where they were heading.Suddenly they hit a tree.Nigel and Jomo both fell. But Arioka's parents change their plans and Eliza must figure out a way to get them back to the Thornberrys. She looked at Eliza with a look of mixed emotions. Eliza watched with grief as she saw the helicopter rise higher and higher, and moved further and further away into the distance. Debbie grumbled angrily as she stomped into the comvee. Disclaimer: I don't own The Wild Thornberrys porn or any of its characters. Eliza made 4 more friends in a town and they were having a good life. Location: Ankarana, Madagascar The Thornberrys are preparing for Thanksgiving in Madagascar when Grandma Sophie calls, inviting them home for the holiday. They didn't know that Sloan had cut me...I got word not too long ago that Eliza had already been attacked.